The 27th annual Youth Conference at Shawnee Baptist Church is second to none.  This year was no exception.  With 1,200 delegates and many of our church family attending the auditorium was filled every night with chairs down every aisle.  There were hundreds of decisions at every invitation.  I thank God for the impact on youth from many churches and states.  Let me encourage you to make plans to attend the first week of August 2013.  Mark AUGUST 5 – 8, 2013 on your calendar now…Would love to see you there.


 Wednesday evening August 8th I had the opportunity to preach  for Pastor Doug Cassel at the Bethel Baptist Church in Linton Indiana.  There was a tremendous crowd and response to the message.  Bro. Cassel is doing a great work.  They also operate radio station WYTJ 89.3FM.  If you are ever driving through West central Indiana be sure to tune in.  One of the great joys of the trip was to have my son John driving me to the meeting.  Nothing like family


On Sunday August 12th We enjoyed being with Anderson Baptist Church in Anderson Indiana.  We were hosted by Assistant Pastor Dave King.  This is a great church and is currently conducting a pastor search.  Please pray for God’s leadership as this fine church seeks God’s will and God’s man.  I spoke to the combined Sunday School, morning and evening services.  The Lord met with us in power.


1st BAPTIST CHURCH of Seymour

Bro. Stanley & Family

It was good to meet another young fundamental Independent Baptistpreacher.  Pastor Micaiah Stanley is doing a good work for the Lord in this historic church. The Lord gave us a wonderful Wednesday evening service.  It was sad to see the dried out corn fields from lack of rain.  However, the church service was overflowing with living water.


 On Thursday we drove over to Moravia, Iowa to be with Evangelist Corle and host Evangelist Gene BrayGod blessed with 13 different preachers attending.  The Revival Fires Regional was Thursday and Friday.  Then on Saturday Bro. Bray hosted a shoot out which turned out to be an exciting time of competition for men and boys in skeet shooting, archery and casting.  Bro. Bray even had a horse shoe competition.  It was an exciting 3 days.

Evangelist Gene and Mrs Gail Bray


Pastor A. J. Potter Family and Church

Our last Iowa stop was in Pleasantville to conduct Revival services with Pastor A. J. Potter.  All day Sunday the 19th through Friday the 24th.  I was amazed at the attendance.  I really believe we had a taste of revival with a full house and full altars each night.  God’s people were so gracious and the fellowship was sweet.  Pleasantville is another place where a young Man of God is striving to be used of God.  In fact he is being greatly used.


On our way home to be in Louisville for the opening of Shawnee Baptist College I got a call from Pastor Nathan Lang who asked me to come to Cincinnati and speak for the day.  We made the turn and enjoyed the day.  This 2 year old church is growing by reaching the lost.  Below is a picture showing one of their converts being baptized. 


The last meeting of the month was in Owensboro, KY filling in for my good friend Pastor Tim Russ.  Bro. Russ had asked me to fill his pulpit while he was taking his son to college at Golden State.  We enjoyed the fellowship there and the opportunity to see the progress on the new lobby and entrance addition to their facility. It is good to see the faith of God’s people.


Keep us in your prayers…

Check out the “MINISTRY HELPS” link at the top of the page.  It will take you to some of the recent thoughts I posted on Building Boldness, Sunday School, ETC.  

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