Part Of The Attendance At Laurel Baptist Sunday Morning

What a blessed Sunday at Laurel Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Lord met with us in a wonderful way on this first day of the RECHARGE conference.  Laurel Baptist Church is led by Pastor Jonathan Blankenship.  The church has seen remarkable growth under Bro. Blankenship’s capable leadership.

Scores of decisions were made to witness to lost loved ones during the week ahead. The alter was filled to overflowing both morning and evening. Truly the Lord met with us in a real way.

Nancy and I truly enjoyed our brief time with the Pastor and people of this great church.  Beautiful, godly, conservative, music prepared hearts for the preaching of God’s Word.

When you are in the Charlotte area you would benefit greatly from a visit to Laurel Baptist Church. Check out the web site at 

In the picture above. Nancy (holding Kate) and me with Pastor Jonathan and Mrs. Kathleen Blankenship.after a late a night snack at Crackerbarrel.


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