Nancy and I really enjoyed our return visit to the Agape Ranch.  Agape Baptist Church and under the direction of Pastor Clemensen operates the Agape Boarding School for troubled teenage boys. Bro. and Mrs. (Ma’am} Clemensen have been faithful servants of God in their calling of reaching out to these young people for 22 years.  It is an amazing ministry that has national and international impact.  Only in Heaven will we realize the results of their sacrifical work.  Click on the web address and be amazed as you see the scope of the ministry

Our trip back afforded us the opportunity to be involved in the Graduation week ceremonies.  I enjoyed preaching on Thursday evening, speaking at the awards banquet on Friday, preaching Graduation on Saturday and then all services Sunday.  God blessed with a good number of salvation decisions including a visiting mother of one of the boys.  To God be the glory

What a great time we had with Bro. John Chamberlin and Wife and daughters.  Faith Baptist Church did a great job of preperation.  The music was powerful and blessed our lives (some would call it old fashioned… I call it Heaven sent.)

God blessed in every service with many decisions and full altars.  The fellowship was sweet.  The Church was founded over 50 years ago by Bro. Ray Chamberlin who is now in Heaven.  His dear wife is still an active faithful member witnessing to the lost, singing in the choir and serving in many ways.

The fellowship was so sweet.  I thought I had preached a little long on a couple of occasions but the crowd stayed around for more than an hour every night.

What a joy to spend some time with the Russ family at Boeke Road Baptist Church.  It is a joy to see three generations working together.  Pastor Dr. Gayle Russ who founded the Church 40 years ago along with his son Dr. Ed Russ who serves as Co-Pastor and his son Bro. Stephen Russ all work together in this multi ministry church.  Congratulations to Bro. and Mrs. Stephen Russ in the birth of their son making four generations now at Boeke Road.

Boeke Road Baptist Church is the home of a fine Christian School, Faith Music Missions Recording Studios and Faith Broadcasting (you can tune in live streaming at: ).  I had the opportunity to teach Sunday School “What Does It Mean To Follow Jesus?” and to preach the Morning and Evening services.  These are dear friends of many years.  I thank the Lord for this great church family.

On this past Wednesday evening I had the opportunity to preach at Greater Vision Baptist Church in Owensboro, KY where Bro. Tim Russ is pastor.  The message theme was on financial giving to the capitol improvements to their building.  The message was well received and folks began coming to the altar before the invitation was extended.  They are in the starting phase of an exciting building program to open up their entrance area and put a new face on their building.

This young church following Bro. Tim Russ’ leadership has seen wonderful growth.  We enjoyed a good time Monday praying, planning and thinking through some ideas and plans to expedite the forward progress of the church.

The spirit of Greater Vision Baptist Church is phenomenal.  Nancy and I always enjoy the fellowship and we look forward to being with them again in the near future.

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to travel teaching and preaching the Old Book to a new generation, standing for separation from the world, strong local churches and winning precious souls.

Lonnie Mattingly – John 15:8
Pastor Emeritus Shawnee Baptist Church

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