December has been a great month.  Of course the greatest highlight of the month is the emphasis that is put on the celebration of the birth of our Saviour.  I love many of the aspects of Christmas.  The lights, finding the proper gifts, the meals, the friendships and family are all great highlights of December.  Our travels were brief.  I had the opportunity to preach only 11 times.  I felt like I was on a month long vacation.  The truth is, I really enjoyed being at home for most all of the month.  I was able to catch up on a few necessary items and spend some real quality time with the family. Nancy and I also had the be in our home church, Shawnee Baptist Church, on Wednesday evenings and a couple of Sunday nights.  Our Pastor, Bro. Dave  Delaney, has continued to grow in his role as a young pastor.  I am excited about the potential for the future of Bro. Dave and Shawnee Baptist Church.  I recommend you stop in for a service if you are ever in the area.

SUNDAY DECEMBER 2nd we were with the North Harrison Baptist Church in Ramsey, IN.  Bro. Paul Powell has many health issues and has been trying to retire for a few years.  I was blessed to spend some time with Bro. Powell and fellowship with the fine folks at North Harrison.  Pray for Bro. Powell and the future of this good church.  The Lord met with us in visible ways the times I had opportunity to preach at North Harrison.

SUNDAY DECEMBER 9th we had the joy of spending the day at First Baptist Church of Kenmore in Akron, OH.  The Pastor Dr. Rick Fox has been a faithful servant of God and wonderful pastor to the people of First Baptist.  He has been a personal blessing and inspiration to me.  I am thankful for men like Bro. Fox who have bedrock convictions and a strong soul winning convictions.  It was a real honor to teach Sunday School and preach AM and PM services.  The fellowship was sweet and God’s people were very responsive.

SUNDAYS DECEMBER 16th, 23rd and 30th I had the opportunity to teach the adult Sunday School and preach at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Taylorsville, KY.  The Lord met with us in a wonderful way.  While I was pastor at Shawnee Baptist we planted the church as a mission.  After about 5 years we thought the mission had gained the strength to become an Independent Baptist Church.  We had sent only two men to pastor the church.  Bro. Patrick Nix was the pastor who led them to become a church and they called him as their first Pastor.  Last March the church and Pastor Nix celebrated their 10th Anniversary and I had the privilege of preaching the Anniversary Services.  Bro. Patrick did a great job of leading the church to purchase land and build a a beautiful building.  I was greatly impressed at the strong base that has been built and the functionality of the facilities.  Bro. Nix believes that God led him to resign as pastor in order to be open to God’s leading in his life.  December 9th was his last Sunday at the church.  As a result I had the opportunity to fill the pulpit for three Sundays and give consultation concerning the search and calling of a new pastor.  Pray for this young congregation as they go through a process they have never faced before.

FAMILY TIME: God blessed us with the opportunity to spend some quality and quantity time with our family over the holidays.  I think we make a terrible mistake if we fail to see our families as one of our most important ministries.  We love our Kids (put up with their spouses  ….  Haha just kidding)  and Grandkids.  Church, eating, football, eating, bowling,  eating, Christmas and eating took most of our time.  We pray for our family many times daily.  Our desire is that our Heavenly Father would use every one of them as He sees fit.

FAREWELL 2012: We are excited about the new year and the open doors it affords.  I praise the Lord for 2012 and 63 meetings that included everything from one day meetings to six day revivals.  Then there were the additional number of times at Shawnee Baptist College where I had the privilege to teach a class or preach in chapel. I praise the Lord for the good number of people saved in personal soul winning and at the altar.  I rejoice in the decisions made at full altars week after week by church members.  I am hopeful because of the revival spirit I sensed  in the heart of pastors and church members in meeting after meeting.  Yes, God gave Nancy and I a good year with many good friends but now we must press on.  The fields are white unto harvest.

HELLO 2013: Please pray for Nancy and me.  We want to have a continued and increased passion for souls.  We want to be a blessing to pastors and churches.  We are praying for revival.  We want good health and safety as we travel.  We want a full schedule in this critical time.  At present we have 17 meetings scheduled and are tentatively holding four dates that preachers called us about and asked us to hold while working on their calendars.  If you have a need or an interest for a meeting in this year feel free to call me at (502) 386-5521 or click on the link to my calendar and you can see my schedule up to this point.

The Lord could well return this year.  Let’s all work and pray for Heaven sent Revival.  Let’s keep telling other about our Saviour.  Let’s pray for one another.

For Christ and for Souls,

Bro. Lonnie – John 15:8



 Bill & Mona Dumpert / Mark & Lori Wilkerson / Lonnie & Nancy Mattingly

Last week Nancy and I had the opportunity to spend five wonderful days in Rantoul, IL in revival meeting at Maranatha Baptist Church.  What a meeting we had as Maranatha celebrated their 34th Anniversary on this past Sunday.

Bro. Mark Wilkerson who has been Pastor of Maranatha Baptist Church for six years did a great job of planning a memorable day.  One of the highlights was to bring in a former pastor, Bro. Bill Dumpert who preached the morning service.  The congregation was deeply moved by his powerful preaching on “Amazed and Afraid” from Mark 10:32-34.  There were many wonderful memories of the days of struggle and victory that they had together.

Pastor Wilkerson taught the Sunday School hour from several passages in Proverbs on the subject of “Walking in Wisdom.”  I had the joy of preaching the evening service. i also preached the evening services Wednesday through Saturday.  God gave us souls saved and full altars.

I believe that Maranatha Baptist Church has a great open door to the city of Rantuel and the surrounding areas.  There were 5 pastors that visited the various week night services along with some of their members.  The spirit was great.  The members responded with many commitments to reach the lost.  I’m praying that real Heaven sent revival will break out in the weeks ahead as the folks fulfill the commitments that were made.  Nancy and I joined with several church members in outreach.  We were able to spend a couple of hours on Saturday knocking doors, passing out fliers and finding several good prospects for the church.  Pray that these efforts will continue.  If they do I am sure that Maranatha will see much fruit.

My closing message was GOD IS GIVING US AN OPEN DOOR

Here is a brief partial outline… It will preach.

Revelation 3:7-13 The Church at Philadelphia… The Revival Church

God Gave them an OPEN DOOR ..

Revelation 3:7-13 The Church at Philadelphia… The Revival Church


They had a testimony of a church that works… but that is not enough. Lots of churches are working hard today but few are having any symptoms of revival.  Consider the following.

1. THEY HAD LITTLE STRENGTH – It is not what we do for God that has eternal significance.  It is what God does through us.  Only what God does will last forever.  2 Corinthians 9:12

2. THEY KEPT HIS WORD –   Psalms 119:89, 2 Timothy 3:15-17 God’s Word is our authority and guide in our service to Him.  Our methods should never be unscriptural.  Our theology should not be man made.  Many people believe in God but they don’t believe God.  The Bible is our final word of authority in all matters of faith and practice.

3. THEY DID NOT DENY HIS NAME – We are not ashamed of the name of Jesus.  Let’s lift Him up. His name has become politically incorrect but it is still Biblically correct.  Philippians 2:9-11, Acts 4:12

I trust that these three simple thoughts will be a challenge to you and a help in teaching and preaching motivation to others to go through the open doors of opportunity that God has given to us.  I am sure that as you study and meditate on these verses that God will give you many other thoughts and applications.


This week we are at Agape Baptist.  What a ministry and what an opportunity.  Next week I will give you an update on the work here.  Pray for me as I will be preaching 6 or 7 times.

Nancy and I are having a wonderful time being in a variety of precious ministries.  We have visited with so many friends and met so many new friends.  God has been good.  We miss Shawnee Baptist Church and our pastor preaching to us.  We are able to catch them from time to time live streaming at  you should check them out.Bro. David Delaney has a huge task and is doing a great job.  Shawnee Baptist College has college days this week end and will do so in conjunction with “THUNDER OVER LOUISVILLE.”  It may not be too late to call and 1participate. 502-775-8431