What an amazing year we enjoyed in 2012.  God allowed us to have sixty six (66) meetings and preach His Holy Word 198 times not counting funerals and other such private times.  We were blessed by many Fundamental churches that are standing for the truth of God’s Word.  These churches see a steady stream of precious souls coming to Christ.  I enjoyed the REVIVALS, the COUPLES RETREATS, the SPECIAL DAYS, the STEWARDSHIP, the MISSIONS, the SOUL WINNING and the STAFF AND WORKERS meetings.  The diversity really kept me on my toes.  There was a special blessing in working with church planters and their new churches from those just beginning to some two to three years old and growing.

I am believing God to give us a great YEAR OF REVIVAL in 2013.  We have gotten off to a great start with a full schedule through March.  There are about 50% of the remaining Sundays open through the rest of the year. (You can click on the calendar to see available dates).  If I can serve your church in any way, give me a call (502) 386-5521.

Doing the work of an Evangelist reminds me of when I first resigned IBM to enter the ministry with no guarantees and no reserves.  Nancy and I began a .  45 years later we have made a complete circle and once again are living by faith.  We are convinced that our great God will meet every need just as he has for the past 45 years.


JANUARY 6TH We spent the day in Bedford, KY with pastor Sam Epley teaching and preaching on missions.  God is blessing the ministry of Bro. Epley as the church experiences steady growth.

JANUARY 7TH AND 8TH We made it to Newnan, GA to be with Dr. Doug Anderson Pastor of Bible Baptist Church for a wonderful 2 day Sword of the Lord conference.  I had the honor of preaching with Dr. R. B. Ouellette.  I’m thankful for Dr. Shelton Smith and his faithful productive leadership of the Sword.  Dr. Anderson was a phenomenal host and the meeting was well attended including many area pastors.

JANUARY 9TH We had the opportunity to preach at King’s Way Baptist Church in Douglasville, GA on Wednesday evening where Dr. Bill Wininger is pastor.  This is one of the great churches in the Atlanta area.  They operate a great rescue ministry, three Christian radio stations, a large Christian School and an evening Bible College.  Pastor and Mrs. Wininger were wonderful hosts.

JANUARY 11TH AND 12TH We were back in Newnan, GA with Pastor and Mrs. Doug Anderson for a powerful  two day “MARRIAGE TUNE-UP.”  It was a powerful time with many of the couples from Bible Baptist church and some guests from neighboring churches.  From the responses I got, I believe God did a great work in several families.  In addition we had great food, sweet fellowship and lots and lots of laughs.  The Andersons are living examples of Christian hospitality.

JANUARY 13TH We spent the Sunday at Tri-County Baptist Church in Senoia, GA with Pastor Ron Whitlock.  This is one of the friendliest churches you will ever visit.  A real reflection of the servants spirit of the pastor and his wife.  It was a really good day.  Bro. and Mrs. Whitlock also participated along with some of their people at the Sword Conference and the Marriage Tune-Up.

JANUARY 20TH We got back close to home and had the opportunity to preach in Cynthiana, KY  where Bro. John Chamberlin is pastor.  Bro. Chamberlin was called as pastor at the death of his father Bro. Ray Chamberlin who was the churches founder.  Bro. John is continuing with the strong fundamental stand on which the church was built.  It is an exciting church with great music and a soul winning zeal.

JANUARY 30TH – FEBRUARY 4TH We had 6 wonderful days with Dr. Tim Rabon, his wife. Sharon and the good folks at Beacon Baptist Church: Wednesday a huge stewardship banquet… Thursday preaching to Middle and High School Chapel and a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC for a Couples Retreat… Friday and Saturday an over the top Couples Retreat… Preaching at Beacon Baptist Church Sunday AM and PM… Monday two great sessions with Beacon Baptist Church staff.  Through it all great eating, shopping and fellowshipping with the Rabon’s and their family.

FEBRUARY 6TH We spent time at Emmanuel Baptist Church having enjoyed their Prophet’s Chamber for a couple of days.  I had the joy of preaching at this great church on Wednesday evening for Pastor Steve Rebert.  God has been using him in a mighty way in Winchester, VA.  God has given Emmanuel Baptist Church beautiful facilities and a pastor with a vision and a commitment to do God’s work God’s way.

FEBRUARY 9TH – 10TH We headed to the Mountain Lake Independent Baptist Church of Oakland, MD.  Dr. Dennis Leatherman pastors this great church is doing an amazing job of leadership in a small city in a resort area.  He promotes a “Tract Month” every year.  Several churches now participate and multiple thousands of tracts are distributed.  The booklet he has put together with details of involving the entire church family is available.  If interested check out the web site at www.mlibc.org and click on Beacon Of Truth Gospel Tracts.  We had a great Sweetheart Banquet on Saturday evening and an all day Marriage Conference on Sunday.  I had the opportunity to speak seven (7) times in 24 hours. God was so good.  I thank Him for strength and His presence.

FEBRUARY 15TH Nancy and I drove to Akron, OH to attend the funeral services on Saturday the 16TH  of Dr. Rick Fox a great man of God that had served our Lord Jesus faithfully and built a strong church, First Baptist Church of Kenmore.  I was reminded of the brevity of life and challenged to be a more aggressive Soul Winner.  Please pray for 1st Baptist as they seek a pastor and for Bro. Fox’s family, especially his widow, Patty.  I had the honor to preach for him December 9th and see the strong work God has used him to build.  He will be greatly missed.

FEBRUARY 16TH – 17TH After the funeral we drove to Cincinnati to preach a Couples Banquet and stay over for Sunday services.  The Lord is raising up another amazing church under the leadership of one of our Shawnee Baptist College graduates.  Actually Pastor Nathan Lang and his wife Jenny are both graduates.  Lighthouse Baptist Church of Blue Ash, OH is off to a great start.  Now in their third year they are averaging 120+, seeing folks saved and baptized consistently and raising funds for a permanent location.  I am blessed every time I talk to Bro. Lang by his commitment as a young man to traditional fundamentalism.  By the way, Bro. Nathan and Jenny announced that Number 5 is on the way.

FEBRUARY 24TH The Lord willing we will finish February at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Taylorsville, KY.  Lighthouse is in its 11th year as a church.  We started the Lighthouse mission of Shawnee Baptist Church just a few years before.  They are in a pastor search now and I really enjoy serving and helping in a ministry that we helped get started years ago.  Praying that they will have a bright future.

Thank you for reading the report.  Please keep Nancy and I in your prayers. I thank the dear Lord for the numbers of people saved and the life changing decisions made among church members.  I challenge all of us to tell someone about Jesus today.

Lonnie Mattingly
John 15:8


I often jokingly say about my wife, “If I had known that she was going to be a preachers wife, I’m not sure I would have married her.

When 45 years ago God called me to preach we began a new and exciting life together that I wouldn’t change for anything.  It has not always been an easy life.  That’s what makes having a wonderful helpmeet such a great blessing.

Leaving a successful budding career at IBM with two children and no human idea what the future would hold my precious wife never flinched.

She often speaks with me at couples conferences and often without me at ladies meetings.  Her faith and support for me and her commitment to the Lord are a great inspiration to me.  Below I want to share with you a abbreviated glimpse of her testimony.  I hope it will be a blessing to you.


Nancy Mattingly

 James 4:14  “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.”

When I was a child I never once thought I would be the wife of a preacher.  I was raised in a Catholic home went to a Catholic grade school.  We never read the Bible. We were never encouraged to do so.  Hum I wonder why?  You think maybe because it had the truth in it and the truth shall set you free.

In 1967 I was set free, my life was transformed when I gave my heart and life to Christ.  The first thing I wanted to do was to let my family (Brothers and Sisters) know what had happened to me.  To my surprise they weren’t excited.  It is amazing to me how people are afraid for their life to change.  In that little Church in Bowling Green Kentucky  were I got saved my husband was called to preach our lives changed forever.  Yet it seems like just yesterday.  Since that time many of my family members have been saved.

I am so thankful the Lord gave us the time and the courage to witness and be a witness to my family.  Ladies we need to remember that our life here on earth is like a vapor that appeareth for a little time and vanisheth away.  I am so thankful that when the Lord saved me he changed me from the inside out.  He changed my desires and my wants.  He gave me the desire to live for him and not myself.  He helped me to serve him in a capacity which I had never dreamed of or even thought of.  To know Him is to want to serve Him  no matter where you are in your life. I am praying as you read this that if God speaks to you that you will just say not my will but thine Lord.  Remember so little time and the harvest will be over.  What will you do with the rest of your life?

Nancy Mattingly

1 Peter 5:7