Do You Really Want Revival?

What a joy it was to have the opportunity to preach in (7) seven states (5,000+ road miles) during our last major road trip which included most of September and October.  It sure was good to be in our home church and hear our pastor, Bro. Dave Delaney.  He is one of a couple dozen young preachers we have had the opportunity to serve with  that are committed to the fundamentals of the faith, the King James Bible, the local church and soul winning.  I am truly excited about the future of our movement.  God is sharpening some new instruments that will be used to accomplish great things for His glory if he delays His return.  The future is as bright as the promises of God.

Wylie Texas – Lighthouse Baptist Church – Pastor Dr. James Rasbeary  

Upon leaving the greater Atlanta area we headed to Wylie, Texas a city just outside of Dallas.  God gave us a wonderful revival meeting with full altars nightly.  I found Bro. Rasbeary to be a genuine Christian that has built a solid foundation for a growing soul winning church.  Nancy and I fell in love with the Rasbeary family.  They are doing a great job of rearing their children.  Bro. Rasbeary has a balanced ministry.  He planted the church 12 years ago.  While I was there he arranged for me to speak at two area Bible colleges.  One morning we spent time investigating the ministry of J. Frank Norris.  It was enlightening and motivating.  I am looking forward to being with them again September 16-18, 2013.  Bro. Rasbeary is a prolific writer.  I suggest you check his web site for information.

Orlando Florida – Orlando Baptist Temple – Pastor Dr. Russell Riggs

When we left Wylie, Texas we were bound for a return trip to Orlando, Florida.  What a tremendous time we had with Bro. Riggs and family.  Another tremendous work going forward for Christ.  Located in an inner city type of area I felt very much at home.  God gave us good results at the invitation time.  The fellowship and commitment of the church is amazing.  Bro. Riggs has taken a very difficult situation by most peoples standards and turned it into a great opportunity.  A mark of the churches love and confidence for their pastor was demonstrated in their presenting him with a beautiful new truck.  Bro. Riggs is also principle of their Christian day school and leads many other ministries.  When in the Orlando area check them out.

Southaven Mississippi – Clearview Baptist – Pastor Cory Knepshield

From Orlando we headed North to Southaven, Mississippi to be with Pastor Cory Knepshield and the fine folks at Clearview Baptist Church.  We have been truly blessed in the revivals we have conducted this year in that in every case the pastors family has been 1st class.  Bro. Knepshield’s family is no exception.  I love it when the pastors have strong family values.  God has blessed the church with great facilities and Bro. Knepshield has been developing numerous ministries.  There is a genuine burden for the lost and a desire to reach their community for Christ.  As a small town that is part of the greater Memphis metro area the church under Bro. Knepshield’s capable leadership has an opportunity to get the Gospel to thousands.

CONCLUSION – Do You Really Want Revival?

I believe the only hope for America is Heaven sent revival.  I believe we face Revival or Ruin.  The problem seems to be that most of God’s people would like to see revival but are not willing to pay the personal price to have revival.  Will you join me in praying for revival and then give your self anew to God.  A revived Christian will be a Christian with a passion for souls.  Our nation has become one of the largest most needy and extremely wicked nations on the planet.  Bible revival is our only hope.  We can’t sit idly by and pray for the rapture.  We must “watch and pray”… “run with patience” but run… “work for the night is coming”… Come on fellow Christians.  Let’s believe God for the boldness to raise up a nation of Believers that are unashamed to be politically incorrect.  Let’s reach out to the lost with the love and compassion of the Saviour.  I’m not talking about sympathy.  I’m talking about urgency.  I’m talking about obedience.  I’m talking about our children and grand children.  DO YOU REALLY WANT REVIVAL?  

Blessing from the Lighthouse

What a blessing to be with Pastor Patrick Nix and the fine folks at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Taylorsville, Kentucky.  This past Sunday was a real encouragement to Nancy and me as we taught, preached, ate, had fellowship, listened to the music at the church anniversary service.  Excitement was in the air as members and guests made their way to Sunday School and the morning services.


Lighthouse Auditorium

Thirteen years ago Bro. Patrick Nix becamethe pastor of a struggling mission church from Shawnee Baptist Church.  After about 3 years Pastor Nix and I agreed that the Lighthouse Chapel was ready to be chartered and become Lighthouse Baptist Church.  Ten years ago last Sunday I had the joy of preaching the Charter Signing Service.  God has blessed Lighthouse Baptist with scores of people being saved in this country location outside the small town of Taylorsville.  It is really a miracle church with a miracle story.  You can check it out at

Bro. Patrick and Mrs. Joy Nix have been a tremendous team.  They have sacrificed and worked through victory and disappointment.  The have pressed on.  During this time their family has grown with the addition of five precious children.  I am inserting an outdated picture below.

Pastor Nix and Family


What a blessing to be involved with Shawnee Baptist in planting and help in the planting of several churches.  I challenge you to get involved.


Pastor Richard Oldham


What an amazing weekend we had. It was a real privilege and honor to be with Pastor Richard Oldham and the people of Glendale Baptist Church.  It was a soul winning training weekend.  I had the privilege to teach and preach five (5) sessions.

Glendale has been a soul winning church for the 50+ years that Dr. Oldham has been pastor.  He is from the old school (the Bible school). You could call it church the way it used to be.  Church the way it ought to be.

This is the church where I first served the Lord in full time Christian service.  The church where Dr. R. G. Lee preached my ordination service.  I count it a joy to make an investment there training and motivating a new generation of Soul Winners.  God gave us a great meeting with dozens of folks committing themselves to share their faith in Christ with others.

The SOUL WINNING COURSE workbook was a real blessing.  I will be glad to send one to any pastor who would like one with the answer keys if any one would like.  The course is based on the evangelism course I taught on several occasions at Shawnee Baptist College.


 PASTOR NATHAN LANG  put together a great weekend.  Beginning with a Sweetheart Banquet where Dr. Ed and Mrs. Sheila Snider brought their famous skit and lecture

Dr. Ed Snider & Sheila

“WHAT WERE YOU THINKING” teaching the difference in the way men and women think.  It was followed by a brief but pointed and helpful message by Bro. ED.

Sunday was a great stewardship emphasis day speaking on Joyful GivingCommitment and 4 Reasons Not To Give. When the day ended and Bro. Lang took the commitments we were all amazed that they had gone over their victory goal in money given that night.  Then there was the 2 year commitments that would bring in additional thousands of dollars of funds.  More pledges and commitments will be taken over the next week or so.  I commend Bro. Nathan Lang and his dear wife Jenny along with many good helpers in the church for a job well done that included many weeks of pre-planning and hard work.

Pray for Pastor Lang and Lighthouse Baptist Church.  This young church has seen amazing growth and need a permanent facility to meet in.  They will be using the funds raised to help in this project.  Your prayers will be greatly appreciated.