One of the greatest tools God allowed me use and be involved in when I was pastor at Shawnee Baptist Church was the Sunday School.  I started several classes, built them to 30 or 40 then turned them over to the assistant, waited a few months then started a new class.
As a result I always felt like I was getting a fresh start and a fresh challenge.  In addition I was training adult Sunday School teachers.  The list below is only a skeleton and not all inclusive.  It is however, a great start to establishing a new class with the pastor’s blessing of course.
A little later I will give my list of things to do to grow a class once it is started.  A new class like a new church will grow faster than an established class.
Dr. Lee Roberson would challenge me every time he came to Shawnee Baptist Church to build the Sunday School and to reach adults.  If you have ideas that you have used to start an Adult class let me know.  I may add them to my list as I travel and share ideas with pastors who are trying to get their Sunday Schools motivated.
1. Pray for the leadership of the Holy Spirit

2. Select a name for your new class

3. Determine the profile of your class (age, status, area, etc.)

4. Scan the church roll for prospects… Anyone on the church roll who is not enrolled in Sunday      School is a potential prospect.

5. Survey visitors for prospects

6. Set a date for your grand opening

7. Determine the location and arrangements

8. Plan the organization … Start with an assistant if possible (ushers, greeters, secretary, set up, song leader, etc)

9. Decide not to steal from other established classes, instead pray for laborers

10. Build a mailing data base and write letters introducing your new class

11. Organize your class schedule

12. Organize your class records

13. Organize your follow-up procedures… (call, write, visit)

14. Make directional signs to your class… Goal: Be the easiest class to find without being obnoxious or appearing competitive.

15. Make class calling cards or brochures

16. Gather and organize all class tools and materials