27 months ago the Lord led me in a very specific way to leave full time Evangelism and assist Pastor Tim Russ at Greater Vision Baptist Church in Owensboro, KY.  At the time I had been averaging over 50 meetings a year (58 in 2013).  I made a one year commitment at the time and agreed to reduce my traveling to one week per month.  With a few off night meetings we averaged around 15 to 20 per year.  The one year commitment where I served as Administrative Pastor stretched into 27 months.  I can’t tell you how blessed and happy Nancy and I have been working with Pastor Tim Russ, Mrs. Marty and the friends we have made there.


Earlier this month the Lord led me to accept the pastorate at a small country church in Ramsey, Indiana.  Our first Sunday will be April 3rd.  The North Harrison Baptist Church a struggling rural church has been declining for 10 years due to the pastor’s declining health including a battle with cancer.  It will be a great challenge.  I am excited about working with the faithful members and the former pastor Paul Powell who will be Pastor Emeritus who have held the ropes and kept the ministry from dying.


I am also delighted to have Gospel Power Baptist church, a growing young church, join with us.  Their Pastor, Shane Rodgers will serve as our Co-Pastor.  They will bring much talent and initial new life to the ministry.  You can visit our new web site http://www.NorthHarrisonBC.org to get a sense of our direction and know better how to pray for us.


I have called several of the pastors and they graciously allowed me to cancel Sunday meetings or exchange them for week nights.  For the most part I will only be scheduling meetings on week nights during this first year as pastor.

I do request our friends to pray for us.  It is exciting to be taking a new step of faith. Pray that God will give us wisdom and power to rebuild a Fundamental, Independent, Soul Winning, Separated, King James, New Testament Church.

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