Where Will You Spend Eternity? There is nothing in the world more important than knowing where you will spend eternity.  There is nothing as fulfilling and rewarding for a Christian than helping others know where they will spend eternity.

May I Be Of Help To You? I am well aware that there are many of you that need no help.  I have pastored folks that were far better Soul Winners than me.  However, I have never met a Soul Winner that had no room for improvement.

IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER I may be of help to you.  I have included on the menu bar a topic called ETERNITY. If you will click there you will see a 5 minute video presentation of the Gospel.

How To Use It – I suggest three possible ways. That you might use this brief video or another similar tool.

  1. Use it as a training tool. With your New Testament in your hand, watch the video several times. Follow along in your New Testament. Then using the basic thoughts, using your own personality, practice going through the plan of salvation until you are comfortable.  Then set out to tell others.  Ask God to cleanse you of sin and fill you with His Spirit.  Get a partner.  Go door knocking.  Follow up church visitors.  Be on the lookout for any opportunity to share The Gospel.  If you have your phone with you, you are just a couple of clicks away from a brief Gospel presentation.
  1. Use it as a preliminary presentation. When you sit down with a prospect use your phone or tablet and click ETERNITY. Watch the video with them. Then based on their response follow through by answering question, leading them in prayer, sharing additional thoughts and Scripture or however the Holy Spirit leads you. 
  1. Use it as a referral. Text, write a card, call, e-mail, tweet or Etc. to friends and loved ones encouraging them to view the video by going to and clicking on ETERNITY. Ask them to contact you after they have viewed it to give you their opinion or ask questions.

I am praying God will use this brief video around the world.  I would appreciate any feedback that you can give me.

Having said that, I know it is not perfect and doesn’t meet everyone’s method or taste.  If that is the case my suggestion to you is, “Use what works for you.” But for Heaven’s sake and the sake of lost souls do something.

Thanks for taking time to read the post. If I can be of any further help to you personally please e-mail me at the address shown on the video.

                     John 15:8

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