Easter Poems


Before the tomb Christ stood one day
And dried the people’s tears away
As He spoke forth in mighty voice
That made Judea’s hills rejoice,
“Come forth!”

Inside the tomb Christ lay one morn;
Defeated seemed salvation’s horn;
But God the Father spoke the word
And this He said tho’ no man heard,
“Come forth!”

Inside the tomb of sin I lay,
The price of sin I had to pay;
But Christ, the raiser of the dead,
Spoke to my poor bound soul and said
“Come forth!”

And when that great and final sound
Shall raise our loved ones from the ground,
‘Twill be the last time we shall hear
That glorious sound upon our ear;
“Come forth!”


Eugene M. Harrison

How do I know that Christ is risen?
What proof have I to give?
He touched my life one blessed day,
And I began to live.

How do I know He left the tomb
That Easter long ago?
I met Him just this morning, and
My life is all aglow.

How do I know that endless life
He gained that day for me?
His life within is proof enough
Of immortality.

How do I know that Christ still lives
Rich blessings to impart?
I know it’s true because He lives
And reigns within my heart.

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