If you know anyone with students in grades 10 through 12 or graduates that might be interested in Bible College I think this would be a most exciting weekend.  Shawnee Baptist College is one of fundamentalism’s best kept secret.  The internship program with students working with different staff members each semester.  Our graduates have a well rounded education academically and at the same time hands on experience in several ministries making them well rounded and prepared to do the work of Christ through His local church without creating problems.  In reality most of our graduates are excellent at conflict resolution.  They make great associates, teachers and pastors.

Shawnee Baptist Church just conducted Revival Services.  Great Crowds, Altars Full, The Lord met with us.  Amazingly all the preachers grew up and were called to the ministry and are now pastors.  All five of them attended Shawnee Baptist College including Pastor Dave Delaney who graduated from Shawnee and is now pastor of Shawnee Baptist Church.

When you call the office to make reservations for Spring College Days ( 502-775-8431 ) be sure to tell them Bro. Lonnie sent you.

Spring College Days
April 19-20
“Try on” our classes
“Try on” our food
“Try on” our dorms
“Try on” our activities
“Try on” our chapel service
“Try on” our bus routes
Here’s the schedule in a nutshell:
      Campus tour/Q&A
      Sky Zone – TRAMPOLINE PARK
      Visit a bus route with our students
      Thunder Over Louisville -FIREWORKS
Feel free to stay the night Saturday night and attend Shawnee Baptist Church the following morning!
All this for ONLY $20!  
      Activities included
      Meals included (3 meals Friday, 2 meals Saturday)
Questions:  Feel free to contact Bill Todd at or call 502-775-8431..

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