I found this poem while studying for an ANTI-ABORTION / PRO-LIFE  message that I preached this past Sunday.  I trust that you will be challenged by it and pass it on to others to help in the battle against this awful crime of our nation.



by Fay Clayton

My shining feet will never run
On early morning lawn;
My feet were crushed before they had
A chance to greet the dawn.

My fingers now will never stretch
To touch the winning tape;
My race was done before I learned
The smallest steps to take.

My growing height will never be
Recorded on the wall;
My growth was stopped when I was still
Unseen, and very small.

My lips and tongue will never taste
The good fruits of the earth;
For I myself was judged to be
A fruit of little worth.

My eyes will never scan the sky
For my high-flying kite;
For when still blind, destroyed were they
In the black womb of night.

I’ll never stand upon a hill
Spring’s winds in my hair;
Aborted winds of thought closed in
On motherhood’s despair.

I’ll never walk the shores of life,
Or know the tides of time;
For I was coming, but unloved;
And that my only crime.

Nameless am I, a grain of sand,
One of the countless dead;
But the deed that made me ashen grey
Floats on seas of red.

(God help us! About 50 MILLION babies butchered, & continuing!)

2 thoughts on “ANTI-ABORTION POEM

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  2. Hello,
    My name is Veronica and I am only 17 years old, please I wanted you to pray for me because tomorrow I will read this poem to my class hoping God can touch the lives of my classmates so they can understand the magnitude of the issue so they can join us to stop with this massacre.
    Blesses and keep it up 🙂

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