HOME SWEET HOME: November was an exciting time for Nancy and I.  For one thing we had the opportunity to spend more time at home.  With preaching engagements being closer to home we only had to spend one night away from home.  As a result we had plenty of time to catch up on household to do lists, go soul winning and catch up on fellowship with several of our friends.  THANKSGIVING was a special time with Family, Food and Football.  I conducted two funeral services.  One for a dear elderly friend and the other for a young man who died on Thanksgiving eve from a drug overdose.  As tragic as it was, God was gracious and 12 precious souls were saved at the service.

FROM TWO CARS TO ONE VAN: While on some of our previous longer trips we realized we needed a larger vehicle. By the time we loaded our ministry materials and then our clothes etc. for a trip over three weeks in duration our vehicle looked like it was being driven by hoarders.  We became a one car family selling our jeep and then trading our sedan for a mini van.  Not only did we get a much newer vehicle we also got a warranty which is very comforting on a long trip.


We enjoyed a wonderful Sunday with the Green Family and Bible Baptist.  The special Soul Winning emphasis for the Sunday was a blessing.  Soul Winning, Evangelism, Testifying, Witnessing or whatever you want to call it is the commission that Christ gave us.  Bro. Green has made that the priority at Bible Baptist.  One of the things I always enjoy at Bible Baptist is the music program.  Some of the best in the country for a mid sized church.


Greater Vision has been like a second home this past year.  Bro. Russ had asked me to plan to come several times to help refine some of their programs as a consultant.  We have had a delightful time.  Bro.  Russ has faithfully led this great Soul Winning lighthouse in Owensboro to reach hundreds of souls.  This year one of the exciting events was the expansion of their facilities with a huge expansion to their foyer.  Pray for a speedy completion of this great project.  


On the third Sunday of the month Nancy and I had the opportunity to be in our home church on Sunday morning for only the third time this year.  Our pastor Bro. Dave Delaney preached a powerful message and blessed my life.  We also had the opportunity during the course of the month to attend some Wednesday night services…

We really enjoyed the fellowship we had with the great people of a great church in addition I had the opportunity to do some teaching and preaching at SHAWNEE BAPTIST COLLEGE.  We have an amazing student body this year.  If you have any college bound young people that  have felt the call to full time Christian service and have not yet determined where to attend college, Shawnee Baptist College would be worth checking out. 


Bro. Paul Powell planted this church in this small country town 40 years ago.  He has been a faithful pastor and Soul Winner.  There are three other churches that started out of North Harrison Baptist Church.  Bro. Powell lost his wife this past year after a long illness.  In addition for several years he has had an ongoing battle with his own health.  Please keep him in prayer as he continues to seek leadership help in the church.  


December is an exciting month.  I’m looking forward to the preaching meetings scheduled each Sunday.  I’m especially looking forward to having the family together for Christmas.  The entire Christmas season is an awesome time to make much of Jesus.  Make your list now of folks you would like to introduce the Christ of Christmas to.  Load up with Gospel tracts.  Review the plan of salvation.  Sharpen your testimony.  Pray for Power.  Ask God for boldness.  By faith launch out to obey God.

A New Year is coming:  A time of new beginnings.  Pray for Nancy and me as we make our schedule for the coming year.  Our goal is souls.  If you would like you can check our schedule by clicking on the calendar link on this page.  

May God bless you richly and give you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!.  





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