The AGAPE RANCH was amazing.  The Lord met with us in service after service.  Several young men indicated that they were trusting Christ as their personal Saviour along with scores of other decisions at the altar.  The Lamas above were only a small number of the animals that we enjoyed during our stay. Nancy enjoyed hand feeding horses, zebras, donkeys, the camel and other animals.  There were water buffalo, American buffalo, yaks, sheep, geese, emus, an ostrich, some Siberian huskies,  and many other beautiful well cared for animals.

Thank you Dr. and Mrs. Clemensen for your vision of helping troubled boys become fine Christian young men.  God has used the Clemensens to touch the lives of thousands of boys through their investment.  Only in eternity will we fully realize the souls saved and lives changed. Pray for the Clemensens as they continue to give leadership.

Bro. and Mrs. Rich Kaszak were wonderful hosts. Bro. Rich who recently became a Co-Pastor of Agape Baptist Church has a great deal of responsibility in the overall ministry.  I captured a picture of them one evening after services as they took us to a local restaurant for a late snack and I got this picture of their family.  You can go to their website to see the amaing work.
God spoke to our hearts service after service at the Revival Fires National Conference.  Evangelist Dr. Dennis Corle along with his wife Cathy have given themselves to the idea of stirring up revival and soul winning since the 1980s.  We had the privilege of hosting the national conference for a number of years at Shawnee Baptist Church in Louisville.
Many friends and great memories.  Check out the Revival Fires monthly paper, book publishing, revivals, church planting, college and other ministries of Dr. Corle at
Dr. Terry Anglea and the people of Faith Baptist Church did a wonderful job of hosting

the meeting.  The people worked tirelessly to make sure every need was met.  God has used Bro. Anglea to raise up a strong fundamental Baptist Church.  The facilities are beautiful.  It seems obvious to me that God has His good hand on this ministry.  The church has made the conference messages and many of Dr. Anglea’s messages available to listen to at  I suggest you visit this great church when in the North East Illinois.

We are now in Owensboro, KY with Pastor Tim Russ.  I just finished a good day of preaching.  Three precious adults indicated they were receiving Christ.  I had the opportunity to win a dad of two bus kids to Christ.  He and his wife drove in bringing the kids. It was the first time he and his wife  had visited the church with his children.  He agreed to meet after the service and God saved him.  Praise the Lord!  Monday and Tuesday we will have a Leadership Summit with worker training.  Then back to Louisville for Shawnee Baptist College graduation and on to two weeks of Family Conferences in two churches in Illinois.  I will give you an update later.
Meanwhile, let’s all keep telling others of our Saviour.  Load up on tracts and share Christ on a daily basis.  Remember “OUR GOAL IS SOULS” and our motto is “TELL SOMEONE ABOUT JESUS TODAY.”  

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