Blessing from the Lighthouse

What a blessing to be with Pastor Patrick Nix and the fine folks at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Taylorsville, Kentucky.  This past Sunday was a real encouragement to Nancy and me as we taught, preached, ate, had fellowship, listened to the music at the church anniversary service.  Excitement was in the air as members and guests made their way to Sunday School and the morning services.


Lighthouse Auditorium

Thirteen years ago Bro. Patrick Nix becamethe pastor of a struggling mission church from Shawnee Baptist Church.  After about 3 years Pastor Nix and I agreed that the Lighthouse Chapel was ready to be chartered and become Lighthouse Baptist Church.  Ten years ago last Sunday I had the joy of preaching the Charter Signing Service.  God has blessed Lighthouse Baptist with scores of people being saved in this country location outside the small town of Taylorsville.  It is really a miracle church with a miracle story.  You can check it out at

Bro. Patrick and Mrs. Joy Nix have been a tremendous team.  They have sacrificed and worked through victory and disappointment.  The have pressed on.  During this time their family has grown with the addition of five precious children.  I am inserting an outdated picture below.

Pastor Nix and Family


What a blessing to be involved with Shawnee Baptist in planting and help in the planting of several churches.  I challenge you to get involved.

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