Dr. Sterling Walsh and Dr. Janet Walsh Wonderful Hosts 

What an amazing time we have had in Dover, PA at the Lighthouse Baptist Church

Sterling and Janet Walsh

pastored by Dr. Sterling Walsh. We had the privilege to preach and speak for 4 days. Drs. Sterling and Janet Walsh were a tremendous blessing.  They were great hosts.

We enjoyed wonderful meals, powerful services and sweet fellowship.  It was delightful to meet several new pastors from the area at the preachers’ fellowship on Tuesday morning.  The music was uplifting and encouraging.  The preaching was Biblical and highly motivating.  The altars were full at each service.  Salvation was recorded.  Scores of decisions were made to reach out to the lost.  The Lord spoke to my heart.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE MINISTRY OF LIGHTHOUSE BAPTIST CHURCH      The high standards and the godly, joy filled, conservative music along with the powerful preaching and teaching of Dr. Sterling Walsh will bless your life.


Tim & Sharon Rabon

We had a great time of fellowship also with Dr. Tim Rabon and Mrs Sharon Rabon.  They  joined us at the Bible Conference Monday and Tuesday.  Bro. Tim brought three great messages and Mrs. Sharon spoke along with Nancy at the Tuesday morning ladies meeting hosted by Mrs. Janet Walsh.

Dr. Rabon is the pastor of Beacon Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina They have a powerful growing ministry reaching a wide area.  The Rabons are dear friends.  We always enjoy the fellowship and their friendship.

Nancy and I are looking forward to this coming weekend and a Soul Winning training meeting with Pastor Chris Teis and the great folks at Open Door Bible Baptist Church in Howell, NJ.  We start at 10 AM on Saturday morning  (May 10th).  Pastor Teis has invited anone interested to join us. Check it out at  www.opendoornj.org … I will give a report next week as well as another Sunday School building help outline.

Please keep us in your prayers.  Check out our calendar.  We are starting to schedule now for this fall, winter and 2013.

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