Last week I had the opportunity to post some of the procedures and practices I used in building the Adult Sunday School at Shawnee Baptist Church while pastor there. I titled it: How To Start An Adult Sunday School Class.

Obviously getting started is just the beginning. Many people are good starters but they are not maintainers or finishers. We will never build strong Sunday Schools without leaders that faithfully practice a few basic things, even after the new wears off.

This week I am enjoying being part of the Spring Bible Conference in Dover, PA. where Dr. Sterling Walsh is the pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church and they are seeing some amazing growth filling all their Sunday School space. It is a joy to also have speaking Dr. Tim Rabon. Tue. AM they will host a preachers meeting at 10 AM. Mrs. Janet Walsh will also host a ladies meeting at 10AM where Mrs. Nancy Mattingly and Mrs. Sharon Rabon will speak to the ladies.

This coming Sat and Sun Nancy and I will be with Pastor Chris Teis at the Open Door Bible Baptist Church of Howell, NJ. having a Soul Winning training weekend.

I will post some reports on these meetings next week. For now I do ask you to pray for God’s presence and power.

Here is the outline of ideas for growing an Adult Sunday School Class once it is started.  Use the ideas.  Fill those classrooms.  Get the Word of God into as many lives as you can.  In a week or so I will post some additional Sunday School material that I have used to help Sunday School teachers reach more of their potential.

Pastor Lonnie Mattingly

1. Scan the crowd 3 times a week looking for prospects (meet every visitor)

2. Visit faithfully (visit every absentee the first time they are absent)

3. Enroll new people every week

4. Have a goal of at least one lost person in attendance each week

5. Network with existing soul winning programs and outreach people to find more new prospects

6. Keep excellent records

7. Copy your roll book and prospect list as your Sunday School prayer list.

8. Promote the Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening services
goal: to build your members

9. Build loyalty to the pastor and church in the hearts and minds of your members

10. Set the right example in personal standards and faithfulness

11. Plan some activities (one major activity per quarter and minor monthly)
By planning around church services and campaigns you help tie your people to the
overall program of the church and build unity

12. Activities can be fun, convenient and inexpensive:
Sun PM pie & ice cream
Sun afternoon picnic – and games
Sundae Sunday night
Video presentation (approved of course)
Work party (paint your class, work on grounds, adopt a flower bed, etc)
Nursing home outing or sponsorship
Use your imagination … there are hundreds of ideas that will build your class without breaking the bank

13. Establish a class Soul Winning time…

14. Have a goal of winning Soul Winners – 2 Tim 2:2


  1. These are excellent suggestions, and I agree with them whole-heartedly. I hope that many will begin to put thesee tips into practice.

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