I sincerely believe that the only hope for America is Jesus Christ. If that be the case then we must have revival. Revival in the lives of believers individually and in our Bible believing churches corporately. A revival of falling in love with Jesus and surrender to His will. I don’t mean conducting a revival meeting, I mean having revival. Many folks say they want to SEE revival but few really want to HAVE revival in their own lives — if it is going to cost them something. It seems many Christians are willing to carry their cross so long as it is made of Styrofoam.


I am encouraged by what I see in the churches I have had the opportunity to be in since becoming pastor emeritus of Shawnee Baptist Church and trying to do the work of an evangelist. I have been supremely blessed to see many folks come to Christ. I have been amazed and excited to see hundreds commit themselves to seeking God’s face for revival through prayer, surrender and promising God that they would witness to a family member or close friend in short order. I have had reports back from CA to NC of folks seriously witnessing to loved ones.


Pastor Jon and Mrs. Terri Shook

BAILEY’S GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH: Since our last post we have been with Pastor Jon and Mrs. Terri Shook from Bailey’s Grove Baptist Church. What an amazing ministry. We started on Friday evening Preaching at a couples retreat that Dr Ed and Mrs. Sheila Snider were conducting for Bro. Shook in Boone, NC. After the retreat on Saturday we drove to Ashboro, NC to preach Sunday Services. Nancy spoke to the ladies of the church while I was meeting with the pastor and staff men. God blessed with souls saved and altars full.

Pastor Ray and Mrs. Susan Haskett

CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH: Our last meeting took place in Colonial Heights, VA with Pastor Ray Haskett and the good people of Calvary Baptist Church.  Once again God allowed me to be in an aggressive growing church.  This weekend was geared to world missions.  A wonderful fellowship including delicious samples of food from around the world took place Saturday evening.  I had the joy of meeting and talking to five wonderful missionary families.  On Sunday we saw presentations from each missionary and I had the privilege of preaching morning and evening on the theme of missions.  An overwhelming number of the house full present Sunday evening committed to pray and obey God in their financial commitment to the Faith Promise pledges for world missions next Sunday.  I’m praying they will be able to add all five families to the 111 they currently support.

God is blessing…There is hope…For too long American Christians have been at ease in Zion.  Join me in praying for Heaven sent revival.  Make yourself available to God.  Believe God to hear and answer prayer.  Give yourself fully to reaching the lost in every conceivable way.

Please pray for Nancy and me as we seek to serve our living Saviour.  Check out our schedule by clicking on calendar on this page.  When we are in your area please come and see us.

For Christ and for Souls,

Lonnie Mattingly – John 15:8

3 thoughts on “HOPE FOR AMERICA

  1. Great post. We are praying that Revival will come to the people at Shawnee Baptist especially. We are looking forward to our Revival Anniversary Services March 25-28 with Dr. Max Barton. We continue to pray that God will help you two to be a blessing to the churches you are in.
    Ed and Sheila

  2. Hello dear pastor jon my name is fiaz inayat from pakistan but i living in saudi Arabia.my wife is a staff nurse.she is working in saudia.pleas pray my family thanks and God bless you.

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