Youth… the Final Frontier

“ … for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth; … ”  Gen. 8:21

I am thankful to have had the privilege to pastor a church that is committed to reaching, teaching and training young people.  Even the senior adults at Shawnee Baptist Church have a real heart for youth. Senior adults are a big part of the core of workers that make our Youth Conference work. They are a huge block of the contributors that liberally gave to make the new Shawnee Baptist College campus a reality, even though they will never personally use it themselves.  They know that they are investing in young people that will reach future generations for Christ.

Our youth programs are vital to the future of America. Our churches and the things they impart to our youth are vital to the future of Christianity in America. We have become what many describe as a post-Christian nation. Many believe that Biblical Christianity (not the new pop Christianity, as we have known it) has run its course – much like chicken pox or some other childhood disease – and that we are getting over it. The tragedy is that much of our population has been inoculated against it.

WE NEED: A new generation of youth that will rise up and demonstrate that they are the front runners of a new Christian nation or a now Christian nation that has its heart and mind fixed on turning America back to God and reaching the world with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

YOUTH, THE FINAL BATTLEGROUND – In my nearly 40 years of serving the Lord, I have never witnessed the onslaught of opposition against youth that I see today. I do not predict an easier task ahead. I instead see the need for stronger youth. We need youth with a stronger faith in God’s Word (KJV), a stronger prayer life and a stronger commitment to doing the will of God. That means we need to provide stronger homes, stronger churches and stronger Bible colleges. The battle is raging for the hearts and minds of today’s youth. Will you join me in giving our best to raise up another generation of soul-winning, church-building warriors for Christ?

YOUTH, THE FINAL OPPORTUNITY – Our youth are inundated with temptation and what the world calls peer pressure (I call it fear pressure). There is the wicked worldly music that includes rock, rap, and other secular pop formats. Then there is the so called Christian music that looks to the world for direction. Music like much of the contemporary southern Gospel that sounds like 50’s rock and roll that violate principles of God’s Word. I could write an article several chapters long if I began to deal with the internet and such sites as “MySpace.” Time would fail me to mention movies, corrupt TV, liberal media, the advertisers of filth, much of public education, the homosexual agenda, etc… These have all seen the potential of our youth and are bent on capturing them for material gain and the advancement of their perverted agendas.

When will the adult leaders of this generation wake up to the realization that pandering to adults who are looking for entertainment rather than commitment will not get the job done. While the mega- churches and television’s Christian entertainers claim millions are saved by their feel-good religious serum, suicide,
venereal disease, drug addiction, violent crime, divorce, pornography, alcoholism, and many other life and society-destroying social ills are at epidemic levels. The Youth of America are our last best hope to bring revival to America. Let’s make the necessary investment. Let’s challenge them to rise above the flowery beds of ease, put on the armor of God, and in the power of the Holy Spirit of God reach a new generation for Christ until He returns.

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